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Frequently Asked Questions


  • These tubes are small.  How long does each one last?
    • A little goes a long way!  Each tube contains approximately 25 applications.  
  • Why are the creams brown?
    • We are very serious about product safety.  To that end, we do not include any bleaching agents and/or artificial colors in our products to change the way they look.  The brownish color of our creams comes directly from the natural pigments of each herb used.
  • Do you use any perfumes or fragrances in your creams?
    • As with the above question, safety is of the utmost importance.  As a result, we do NOT add any artificial perfumes or fragrances to our creams as they tend to be irritating to skin.  The scent of each cream is the natural smell of the herbs themselves.
  • Why are your creams so expensive?
    • Our creams are not just heavy-duty moisturizers.  They are therapeutic creams, thoughtfully and carefully crafted to address specific skin irritations.  To that end, we jump through a lot of hoops to ensure our products' integrity:
      • All of our herbs are sourced from their native habitats in China (most are sourced from the wild, but a few are harvested from farms there).  This is important because, much like wine grapes, the environment in which an herb is grown has a tremendous impact on its overall makeup when harvested. 
      • All herbs are put through a fingerprint process (similar to a DNA test) to ensure they are of the highest quality.
      • All herbs go through an extraction process so that any possible pollutants or toxins the plant may have absorbed over its lifetime can be removed.
      • All packaging (bottles, labels, ink) are pharmaceutical grade.  Using pharmaceutical grade packaging ensures that no chemicals or toxins are leaked into the creams from the packaging itself.
  • Are Hand to Heal™ and Herb to Soothe™ safe to use during cancer treatment?
    • Yes!  Both creams are oncologist-formulated and have therefore been created with conventional oncology treatment programs in mind.  There are no oils present in any of our creams.  And a transdermal model was used in the creation of each allowing us to formulate the products such that none of the creams will penetrate beyond the second layer of skin.

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