Our Mission
Unitech Medical, Inc. is dedicated to research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative healthcare products that improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

Founded in 2005 and based in Minnesota, Unitech Medical, Inc. produces a variety of plant-based, clean-label botanical products combining the healing power of clinically-studied natural remedies with the rigor of scientific research. We are the leader in providing evidence-based natural solutions for supportive oncology care.

Product Development

The following three principles drive our product development:

  • Clinically proven results. Unitech Medical products are based on clinically-proven regimens that have been used safely and effectively for years in traditional nature medicine. Unitech Medical also views collaboration with the medical community as essential in creating safe, effective, and innovative healthcare solutions. All products are subject to extensive testing and peer-reviewed research.
  • Natural ingredients and traditional knowledge. Unitech Medical products are derived from evidence-based natural remedies. Each ingredient is well-known for its safety and clinical benefit.
  • Synergy with conventional medicine. Unitech Medical products are easy to use and designed to work in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Clinical Research

We view the formulations used in complementary medicine as a significant advancement towards developing state-of-the-art healthcare solutions. Unitech Medical has contributed to the broader knowledge of the complementary medical community for over a decade. Our participation comes in the form of formulation research, clinical study oversight, and sustainable ingredient sourcing.

A portion of the clinical studies led by Unitech Medical can be viewed here.

Our Community

We are deeply involved with local non-profit organizations to promote wellness in our community. We actively collaborate with leading institutions to advance cancer research and evidence-based complementary medicine for oncology. We do our very best to help cancer survivors live longer with better quality of life.


We consider our employees our greatest asset. Each carries an integral piece of the company's foundation to focus on the health of all. Unitech Medical integrates each team member’s practical experience and scientific knowledge into the development of exceptional natural solutions. The Company’s close collaboration within the medical industry further strengthens and increases availability of innovative healthcare products with the highest quality.

Wholesalers and Distributors 

We work with business partners to bring our products to wherever customers are located. If you are interested in distributing Unitech Medical products, please email us to set up an account.